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An irresistible feeling

heart-shaped-leafFor long, I have not felt this way toward a girl. I’ve been always focus on my career, my learning. I’ve kept thinking that love is an unnecessary burden that I never want to carry. But, it seems that things don’t always go your way. Slowly and steadily, the feeling for her develope. Each time I meet her, I see in her something I need, I want from my ideal girlfriend. I subconsciously like to be with her. I get jealous when she’s with other men.

First I have to say that she is not very beautiful. By the appearance, she’s a normal looking girl. But, she does show charm when she puts up a light make up. So, I guess that appearance doesn’t matter anymore.

Let’s see what make me attracted to her.

She is intelligent and independent. Yep, I’m attracted to girls who can think and do thing by themselves. I love to take care of them, protect them. But I will soon feel tired when I’m being relied too much. I’m also not a perfect person. Sometime, I do want to receive a helping hand or an advice. And I see it in her. Someone I want to look after. Also someone I want to lie my head down onto her thigh, with she gently strokes my hair.

Beside, she is thorough and careful. Who would not like a careful person? Not me, obviously. This characteristic of her makes me feel at ease and worried-free. For example, whenever we went somewhere far. What is the means of transport, where we should rest, where we should not go and many more were planned and discussed among us carefully in advance. Even, if I forget some emergency medicine, I know that she has them with her.

Moreover, she is a good listener. Talking to her is so wonderful. I can feel that she is paying attention to my story when I talk, she gives honest comments. The way she talks is subtle. She claimed that she is hot temper. But I don’t feel uncomfortable even when she talks with anger. I can talk and listen to her for hours without being bored.

But, above all, she is too precious for me to lose. She has been my friends for almost 15 years. That friendship is priceless and I don’t want to do anything that might harm it. Although it’s painful, I will bury that feeling deep down inside my head, and hope that time will ease the pain.