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Cost saving?

I’m going to talk about the cost saving measures in the company that I’m currently working for. Since it’s sensitive to discuss publicly about your company on the open web, I’ll not spell out the name of my company.

This is a period of fierce competition, and also the downturn of some industries. Thus, saving as much as possible within a company becomes an essential part of business strategy. It had to be company-wide, with closed cooperation and good information sharing between departments of one company. Without cooperation and sharing, everyone will only focus on their field, with tunnel vision for every decisions, cost saving will turn out to be very costly instead.

Once, the personnel and head of a department only focus on their respective definition of saving, the money that was saved in one will be spend on the others, often in greater amount. Because they simply don’t know and understand what is going on in the other rooms. You save one penny today, you’ll lose a pound tomorrow.