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My opinions about “richness”.

According to Cambridge Advanced Learner Dictionary, “rich” besides has the meaning of “having a lot of money”, it also has the meaning of “having a lot of valuable or useful things”. However, there are still a lot of people think that “rich” means “money”. They also attack the others’ opinion about “rich” verbally and non-verbally. Personally, I consider those people as pathetic pursuer of money, no more no less. I respect the others personal opinions but I can accept the idea of criticizing to protect their own ideas.

Having a lot of any useful things means you are rich, but you may wonder what useful things mean. I cannot answer that question specifically because there are too many things that are useful in our life. For example, knowledge, emotions, time, relationship… It depends on the situation that you are in to decide what you need, so if they are what you need, they are useful.

To some people, their most valuable property is their relationship. They are happy in making friends and hanging around to tighten it up. The others may treasure their time because they want to spend their life with their family, relatives or friends. Each person has his own idea about that.

For me, the most useful thing I need is knowledge. If I know and understand about the world thoroughly, I will be able to do anything I ever wanted to do. Knowledge can provide me money, time, relationship, fame and so on. Any step further, which I make, must base on that basic platform. In addition, I never want to be a loser in any aspects that I join with my own will, so I need to improve a lot to reach the goal that I set. I believe one day, my dreams will come true if I try hard enough.

I want to be creative.

As a student, I always want to create new ideas, make new things, or invent some cool stuffs. I love the feeling of successful solving problem. It’s the satisfaction, the release from burdens, a comfortable relief. Thinking of a new idea, finding a solution for it, achieving it, getting the result make me feel alive.

But, now, I have to face that my creation ability is decreasing a little by the time. I have very few new goals, I found a lot of trouble in a contest requiring the creation. Even my ability of imagination is getting worse. I can’t draw a picture of a complicated objects inside my mind like before.

I don’t really know the causes of all those handicaps. I read a lot, from newspapers, magazines, novels to science books, I read much more than before. However, it was difficult for me to think of a topic to write this post. My university requires us to make a practical idea that can be useful for our major and be executed in real life. Unfortunately, after over a half day, I haven’t still had any ideas yet.

I hope you understand my circumstance by now. I don’t really know where this obstacle originates in, so I’m not sure on how to get rid off this problem. I’ll try finding a method to be more creative on the web. To be honest, do all of their advice is impossible but I can’t think of any reasons why I shouldn’t listen to them. I hope I can find a suitable method for myself.

Thank you for reading. Goodbye!

Some thoughts at the beginning of the year.

At first, happy new year!

When I was a child, my parents never taught me directly about the importance of a successful career, but during the childhood, I recognized that all of our family’s conflicts were caused by the disappointments of my father in his life. These originated from his lack of ability to bring wealthy to his family.

At the moment, the more books I read, the clearer I see about this problem.

First, from ancient age, men were the forces who bring income in. So are they nowadays. Although men and women are more equal than the past, the perspective about the pocket of a man still remains the same. The thicker and deeper pocket he has, the more successful and respectful he is. For example, you can see the way everyone looks at a man when he spends a large amount of money on buying a luxurious car is much different when they see a man who is bargaining to buy a shirt. Or giving a lot of money to a charity organization can give them some honor that normal people can’t have. Of course, I only mention about the money that’s earned legally.

Second, I want to mention about knowledge. A rich man without knowledge is just like a fool whom other people laugh at and always try to take his property. Knowledge I meant here is about general knowledge and professional knowledge. General knowledge helps you talk and discuss about daily topic. Professional knowledge helps you let the others know not to mess with you with your major.

Third, I’d like to talk about the social rank. It’s not necessary to be president to gain a high social rank. What I mean here is about people’s respect for you. Your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends – their admire is enough. Your opinion can earn much more weight than the others’.

Well, maybe you have recognized this post looks like a mess with no clear purpose of posting. I think so, too. I’ll try not to create any post like this anymore.

Thanks for reading. Goodbye!