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Some thoughts at the beginning of the year.

At first, happy new year!

When I was a child, my parents never taught me directly about the importance of a successful career, but during the childhood, I recognized that all of our family’s conflicts were caused by the disappointments of my father in his life. These originated from his lack of ability to bring wealthy to his family.

At the moment, the more books I read, the clearer I see about this problem.

First, from ancient age, men were the forces who bring income in. So are they nowadays. Although men and women are more equal than the past, the perspective about the pocket of a man still remains the same. The thicker and deeper pocket he has, the more successful and respectful he is. For example, you can see the way everyone looks at a man when he spends a large amount of money on buying a luxurious car is much different when they see a man who is bargaining to buy a shirt. Or giving a lot of money to a charity organization can give them some honor that normal people can’t have. Of course, I only mention about the money that’s earned legally.

Second, I want to mention about knowledge. A rich man without knowledge is just like a fool whom other people laugh at and always try to take his property. Knowledge I meant here is about general knowledge and professional knowledge. General knowledge helps you talk and discuss about daily topic. Professional knowledge helps you let the others know not to mess with you with your major.

Third, I’d like to talk about the social rank. It’s not necessary to be president to gain a high social rank. What I mean here is about people’s respect for you. Your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends – their admire is enough. Your opinion can earn much more weight than the others’.

Well, maybe you have recognized this post looks like a mess with no clear purpose of posting. I think so, too. I’ll try not to create any post like this anymore.

Thanks for reading. Goodbye!