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Three wishes.

When we were children, we used to listen to many fairy tales, and a lot of them were about three wishes that were given by the angels. Surely, those stories helped to build up our hearts and souls. And have you ever wished to have those three wishes? I have. And if there were angels, and they could possibly give us three wishes, what would you tell them? Well then, these are my wishes:

The first wish, I would wish for intelligence. I want to be more intelligent, cleverer, and more creative. I put it in the first place because I love knowledge, I am always curious about the world, how it works, how it changes, how it ends… I also like to read news and books about new technologies, new materials, new inventions… I want to create new things and to be good at my professional. I need to be intelligent to do all of them.

The second wish is about ability. In order to make the first wish become realizable in real life, I need the ability that help me to  make my ideas come true. I heard many stories about very clever people but they’re not successful because they can’t achieve their potentials to get what they want. I definitely don’t want to be like them. I know a brilliant brain requires outstanding skills to make everything I think come true.

The third wish is for language ability. I want to be able to use English as naturally as native speakers are. Perhaps you may think that with intelligence I will be able to use English as well as I want. However, in my opinion, even in that case, English is only a foreign language to me; it cannot be my second language. Therefore, if it is possible, I want it to become my second language besides my mother tongue. With it, I may have a wide entrance to the human knowledge, and be able to satisfy my hunger for it. I have already had materials, now I just need English for the glue to mix them up.

Everyone has his own desires he would wish. Those above are wishes that I always wish that one day they would come true.

I wish you well with your life and career. Thank you and goodbye.

My favorite type of coffee shops.

One of my favorite drinks is coffee, or more precisely it is white coffee. It’s a very popular drink nowadays in my country and in the world. That sweet brown tasty liquid helps me start a new day with a good mood and high concentration on working. Slowly enjoying it without thinking of anything is also one of my habits.

So, what type of coffee shop do you like to go to? Every of you may have many choices but now I’m going to tell you about my favorite one. I’m not going to tell exactly its name because every coffee shop that meets my requirements can be in my favorite list.

First, at that coffee shop, I must be able to access the Internet through Wi-Fi. I often go there with my laptop alone so I usually do not have anyone to talk with (actually, I don’t like to talk with anyone there). Also, seating there without doing anything or having no means of entertainment is very boring. With my computer, I can visit many websites, read some books or newspapers, listen to some pieces of music, or watch some short movies or video clips. That’s how I entertain with my laptop.

Second, that coffee shop should play smooth jazz or classical instead of modern pop. I really love classical and jazz. Listening to them make me feel relaxed. They also help me focus while doing my job. Talking about pop music, I like Westlife, Backstreet Boys or Michael Learns to Rock so it’s no problem if a coffee shop plays their songs. But I really hate the generation of singers or bands from last 5 years till now. The rhythms, the lyrics and their voice are awful. So, it’d better to not to listen to them.

Third, that coffee shop should be a quiet place. I love quiet atmosphere and I go there to relax, enjoy my life and sometime work, not to hear the gossips or the grumbles from the others. That’s the reason why I do like go there alone in order to make no noise, and I expect the others keep silence so as not to bother me. If one of my favorite coffee shop becomes noisy, I will definitely abandon it.

Well, there are some more factors that affect my choice of favorite coffee shop but three requirements that I’ve just mentioned are in the first priority of choosing. The others just act as a minor part of it and there is no need to tell it here.

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Thank you and goodbye!

I want to be creative.

As a student, I always want to create new ideas, make new things, or invent some cool stuffs. I love the feeling of successful solving problem. It’s the satisfaction, the release from burdens, a comfortable relief. Thinking of a new idea, finding a solution for it, achieving it, getting the result make me feel alive.

But, now, I have to face that my creation ability is decreasing a little by the time. I have very few new goals, I found a lot of trouble in a contest requiring the creation. Even my ability of imagination is getting worse. I can’t draw a picture of a complicated objects inside my mind like before.

I don’t really know the causes of all those handicaps. I read a lot, from newspapers, magazines, novels to science books, I read much more than before. However, it was difficult for me to think of a topic to write this post. My university requires us to make a practical idea that can be useful for our major and be executed in real life. Unfortunately, after over a half day, I haven’t still had any ideas yet.

I hope you understand my circumstance by now. I don’t really know where this obstacle originates in, so I’m not sure on how to get rid off this problem. I’ll try finding a method to be more creative on the web. To be honest, do all of their advice is impossible but I can’t think of any reasons why I shouldn’t listen to them. I hope I can find a suitable method for myself.

Thank you for reading. Goodbye!

Some thoughts at the beginning of the year.

At first, happy new year!

When I was a child, my parents never taught me directly about the importance of a successful career, but during the childhood, I recognized that all of our family’s conflicts were caused by the disappointments of my father in his life. These originated from his lack of ability to bring wealthy to his family.

At the moment, the more books I read, the clearer I see about this problem.

First, from ancient age, men were the forces who bring income in. So are they nowadays. Although men and women are more equal than the past, the perspective about the pocket of a man still remains the same. The thicker and deeper pocket he has, the more successful and respectful he is. For example, you can see the way everyone looks at a man when he spends a large amount of money on buying a luxurious car is much different when they see a man who is bargaining to buy a shirt. Or giving a lot of money to a charity organization can give them some honor that normal people can’t have. Of course, I only mention about the money that’s earned legally.

Second, I want to mention about knowledge. A rich man without knowledge is just like a fool whom other people laugh at and always try to take his property. Knowledge I meant here is about general knowledge and professional knowledge. General knowledge helps you talk and discuss about daily topic. Professional knowledge helps you let the others know not to mess with you with your major.

Third, I’d like to talk about the social rank. It’s not necessary to be president to gain a high social rank. What I mean here is about people’s respect for you. Your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends – their admire is enough. Your opinion can earn much more weight than the others’.

Well, maybe you have recognized this post looks like a mess with no clear purpose of posting. I think so, too. I’ll try not to create any post like this anymore.

Thanks for reading. Goodbye!

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I am a bad guy.

Well, I have two characteristics that some of you and I hate them the most, they are enviousness and selfishness. Actually, these are covered by my carefree gestures because they shouldn’t be shown off.

First, I want to talk about the enviousness. I always want to have everything that the others have, and inside my mind, some bad thoughts are about to appear.  For example, if I see a student bring an awesome laptop such as MacBook Pro, I may think that guy just bought it because he wants to impress other people, not because he loves it and knows how to take the most benefit from that Mac. Or when I see a beautiful girl goes along with a normal boy. I usually think that girl only date with that boy because she wants his money.

I know. Enviousness is totally not good. To avoid it, I try to think “That’s none of my business.” and “Why should I envy?” to get me out of that train of thought. I’m trying to get rid of this characteristic to make myself be better.

Second, I’m going to mention the selfishness. I am supposed to be helpful and friendly. Actually, I don’t do anything if its after-effects can harm my right. Like, when my friend borrows money or other stuff, I often think and assess him carefully to find out if he would pay to give it back to me. If I believe that I can’t trust him, I will find a logical reason to deny his request.

At first, I think that in many cases, I’m selfish because it’s for my own good. However, now, I understand if I continue being like this, I will be alone sooner or later.

It’s a shame to have to confess those things. I hope after speaking it out I will become better and better day by day.

Thanks for reading. Goodbye!

What would you do if your girlfriend doesn’t like your job?

Today, during the evening English class, one of my friends was asked that question. He was unable to answer it, and he said that question was too personal. I think the reason he couldn’t answer is he rarely thought about that situation. In my opinion, if she forces me to choose one of her and my job, I will choose my job. Here are some reasons for that choice:

– First, it’s really hard to find out someone you love, but it’s even more difficult to find a job that you like. Everyone usually has only one job that he loves. If you have to choose another, obviously you will not like it like the old one. Working in an environment that you dislike, it will make you stress and tired. Someday, it will knock you down. About girls, if you break with a girl, you can easily find another one to replace.

– Second, I’ll talk about the outsider’s perspective. As you know, people usually judge a man base on his career. If he is not successful, many people will look down on him. I’m sure some of his closest friends, relatives, or even his girlfriend will do look down on him. Even though, she is the one who told him to turn his path to be with her. We cannot know. If he fails in his career, even though he loves it, I can say that he was unlucky that time, and I will advise him to try to do it again.

– Third, if she loves you, she may know what is the best for you. She will try not to bother you and she will not require you to choose. If she does so, I can say she is selfish. She just thinks of her own happiness. She doesn’t care about anyone else. In that situation, you already know which the right choice is. No one blames on you for making such a decision.

So, to summarize, as a man, your career, your success must be put in first priority. Everything else should be in their right position. And that position is your background.

Am I awake or dreaming?

I don’t really aware of that problem. I don’t know that I am living a real life with real people and real relationships or I am sleeping somewhere else and dreaming about a long story that I don’t know the ending.

I am here. I am talking to you. I have family and friends, and I have good relationships with other people. I am studying well I’ve gained a lot of respect from my classmates. Like others, I have to face the loss of my friends and relatives. I feel the pain and I also get hurt. However, is it really my true self? There is a possibility that it is an imaginary world I’ve created inside my mind, isn’t it? How can I prove that this world is real?

I always feel that I am not actually living. I have a sense of being a blur image of someone else. I have been had this thought for a long time ago, since I was a little child as I remember. My existence seems meaningless to the others because I don’t think I really exist. I have no clue to confirm it but my sixth sense always talks to me that I need to wake up; this dream is going to end soon.

Why am I still here? Probably, I’m afraid of waking up in an unfamiliar world. I will likely have amnesia. At that time, in my head, only the memories which I had while sleeping may remain. Having a new life in a totally strange world is definitely very difficult. That is the only certain reason I can think of to explain about rejecting escaping this dream.

I want to both wake up and sleep. However, to solve this problem, I have to choose one. Have I put enough effort to do that? Maybe no! In addition, this isn’t right time and right place to attempt it. In one day, I will do it. How? I don’t exactly know. But I’ll try.

Thanks for reading! Goodbye!

Why am I feeling so sad?

Well, I definitely don’t know what occurred to me at this moment, I am feeling so depressed, dark, bruised, and disappointed, like I am broken-hearted. I can’t find the reason behind it, and it makes me not be able to take a short nap. I am really tired because of suffering from this sensation. It’s very likely I need something, but hopelessly I can’t still figure out what it is. It is straining my brain a lot. With that minded torture, I can’t either think of anything or concentrate on revision for next coming exam. I can’t bear it anymore so I decided to write it down here to get a relief deep inside my soul.

To tell more about the feeling, I think it’s a part of the pain over loneliness, careless of everyone, includes parents, relatives, and friends. Likely, I need a warm hug, an open talk about myself. I’m too reserved and taciturn, I know that. Maybe sooner or later, I will have depression. Another reason is apparently I have watched too much tragic cartoons for several days until now.

How can I deal with this problem? Perhaps, the quickest answer absolutely is watching comedy. In addition, writing it out makes me feel better now. I’ll try my best to keep myself from being so upset like this. I don’t want to experience it again.

Thank you and goodbye!

Today is my birthday.

My birthday is on 6th August. Sadly, there is no different with other days. I have never had any birthday parties for over 20 years. I seem to be familiar with it, but deep inside I really want to receive some felicitations from my friends instead of nothing like this. Even my parents, they do not remember it. They always remind me to stay focus on studying but they have never given me any gifts or congratulation to encourage me. This morning, I did have a thought that I would give myself a small present such as a cup of coffee in coffee shop (I always go to coffee shop on Sunday only) but I didn’t. That’s the reasons why I’m little bit upset right now.

I’m always lonely although there are a lot of people called friends around me. It’s simple because they can not see my true self. They can not see through the mask which I always wear for many years. To say shortly, I’m reticent and quiet. I want to change, I want to be more active and talkative, but I can’t. Changing personal characteristics isn’t easy. One thing I can do is write it down and post it here, on my blog. That’s enough. I don’t need anyone read it and sympathize with me.

Now, I’m looking forward to midnight. Then another day will begin, it will no longer be my birthday and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

PS: Well, I wrote this article on 6th so don’t talk to me about the date today.

Goodbye and thank you!