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Thought on climate change and human natures

Currently, I’m reading few books about climate change, global warming, and environment-alter activities. It had dawned on me that despite the massive scope of the matters, the solutions, to the root, are very simple.

Climate change and global warming, we have to stop extracting and using fossil fuel. Manmade environment disasters can be solved by stopping using toxic chemicals. Just as what we did with tobacco industry. To avoid lung cancer and other diseases caused by smoking, we have to stop smoking, and ban second-hand smoking.

But as far as I can see, there are not a single global awareness and movement to stop climate change other manmade catastrophes. Why is that? From my perspective, that’s because we are fundamentally selfish. We have become so relied on fossil fuel and artificial chemicals that we just can’t give them up because it would cause short term setback and inconvenience.

We often say to ourselves an excuse that if we don’t do it, others will, and the result is just as the same. If we stop burning fossil fuel, we would have no electricity, no means of transport. We would freeze, or overheat, or stop working. We would no longer be able to taking care of ourselves and those whom we care for. In the mean time, others people who keep burning the fuel would advance and leave us in the dirt. I guess many people share that thought. But, how about all of us stop burning and extracting those carbon laden fuels altogether? In that case, no one can leap ahead with their dirty tactic; no one will be left behind due to their sacrifice.

In order to have a secured renewable energy sources, it often requires the cooperation of different nations to connect and share their excess energy. Let’s say for example, half of the earth always faces the sun, if solar power can be share across borders, there won’t be any need for any other need of electricity storage or other alternative sources. But that poses a problem. When one nation can control the energy of other nation(s), they often take advantage of it with various threats and demands. Here we are again, everybody’s for themselves again.

The same can be said about using toxic chemicals in our daily life. If just a potion of us stops using all chemical, those people would definitely end up on the side of the disadvantage and without major help from others, they would disappear and be replaced by those who place the benefit above all.

Selfishness and greediness turn people into monsters who care about no one but themselves, nothing but profit. In this day and age, when one’s success is often based on how much money he makes, other less visible matters seem less important. A basic dilemma of “out of sight, out of mind”.

I hope that we as human will continue to exist for long after this. That we can reach further into outer space just as we once reached to unknown seas. But as long as we can’t give up our selfishness and greediness, our next generation might not have a human habitable planet to live on.