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I wish that she would know I love her.

One thing I will properly not tell her that I love her. Perhaps, this feeling started  since I was on ninth grade in secondary school.

At that time, I just wanted to play with her hair, irritate her, happy to see she came to class everyday.

When I was in high school, I and she studied in a different school. Rarely do I have a chance to meet her but her images are still in my head.

Passing the university entrance exam, I am now studying to become a man who is always far away from home. That one-sided love is hurting me a lot. I hope time will erase  that pain.

Eventually, I decided not to tell anyone, for any price, I will keep it in mind, a beautiful memory. One more decision, I will dedicate my life to seafaring, no wife, no child, no family.

I have a long time to think what I will I get and what I will lose when I make such decisions.

That’s hard but I will make it come true.

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