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Our biggest holiday is coming!

Well, about 20 days from now, our biggest holiday in the whole year will start. This is our tradition holiday like many countries using the lunar calendar. This time is for coming home, visiting friends, neighbours and relatives. In those days, we give to each other the best wishes and lucky money for our kids.

Like every family in this country, my family will prepare food, candy, some alcohol drink, some fruits for making a thing called “five kinds of fruits”, about 10 square cakes.

Now, I have to finish 2 more weeks at university before coming home, but I really want to be at my hometown right now.

I hope that on this holiday, I will be happy with my family. Maybe some of you will ask why I hoped like that. Well, for a long time, I and my family haven’t had a right holiday with all meaning of “right”. Everything of this unhappiness caused by only one member – my father. I really don’t understand why my father always tortured us with long endless stories about the faults of my mom and her family but it’s not exactly her faults. Then he turned into calling her name, her parents’ names. All of that makes me feel bored and tired. After all, I no longer love my father, he means nothings to me now.

Oh, forget about it. I don’t want to make you feel sorry about my family.

Finally, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!