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I will stick to maritime profession.

Yes, as I said, I will keep working and studying Maritime Profession no matter what happens. Some of my friends talked to me that they didn’t really want to join my current university’s department. They went to university because after studying, their parents (or their relatives) could possibly arrange for them a good offer. Some of them have their parents work for this industry so they can find a job in this field easier due to the relation they have. Most of them said that if they work on board, they perhaps work for ten years the most, and then they will apply for another job on shore. However, I won’t. I will be at sea for my entire life, until I retire or until there are no ships sail through the sea anymore.

Maybe, it was a fate that had already been decided. Four years ago, I chose this path by my own will but I didn’t have any clues about what I am supposed to do in the future. All I had in mind that time was how to get away from home as far as possible. While I was turning the pages of University Choosing Guideline, I found a piece of information about my current school. I immediately knew that what I was looking for and then applying for this department without any hesitation. I can say it my destined career.

At first, I was always worried that if I was suitable for this job. By the passing of time, I realize that I somehow like it. I also have other hobbies like learning about science, computer or IT. I like them but I don’t think I can make any big difference, but I found them right inside navigation. I like English; I have to study English a lot here. I like computer and technology; I can use a lot of modern equipment once I work on board. I want to be somewhere far away; I can travel around the world but no one can contact me if I don’t want them to do so. All my wishes can be fulfilled and I don’t wish for anything better than that. I can’t find any reason so as not to do this job.

I do not deny that my job has a lot of disadvantages. However they don’t matter to me. I’m going to graduate soon I will try my best to achieve what I desire and deserve to have.

Three wishes.

When we were children, we used to listen to many fairy tales, and a lot of them were about three wishes that were given by the angels. Surely, those stories helped to build up our hearts and souls. And have you ever wished to have those three wishes? I have. And if there were angels, and they could possibly give us three wishes, what would you tell them? Well then, these are my wishes:

The first wish, I would wish for intelligence. I want to be more intelligent, cleverer, and more creative. I put it in the first place because I love knowledge, I am always curious about the world, how it works, how it changes, how it ends… I also like to read news and books about new technologies, new materials, new inventions… I want to create new things and to be good at my professional. I need to be intelligent to do all of them.

The second wish is about ability. In order to make the first wish become realizable in real life, I need the ability that help me to  make my ideas come true. I heard many stories about very clever people but they’re not successful because they can’t achieve their potentials to get what they want. I definitely don’t want to be like them. I know a brilliant brain requires outstanding skills to make everything I think come true.

The third wish is for language ability. I want to be able to use English as naturally as native speakers are. Perhaps you may think that with intelligence I will be able to use English as well as I want. However, in my opinion, even in that case, English is only a foreign language to me; it cannot be my second language. Therefore, if it is possible, I want it to become my second language besides my mother tongue. With it, I may have a wide entrance to the human knowledge, and be able to satisfy my hunger for it. I have already had materials, now I just need English for the glue to mix them up.

Everyone has his own desires he would wish. Those above are wishes that I always wish that one day they would come true.

I wish you well with your life and career. Thank you and goodbye.