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They’re not like what I thought.

On last Thursday, about 120 Korean students visited my university, then we went to port and visited their ship. After that, I realize that my thoughts about them were wrong.

The first thing is: they are not so good at English as I thought. Like every university, some of them speak  English quite well, but the others are not so good, in some cases, I can say they are terrible.

The second thing is: they are not self-conceited as I heard. A lot of seniors told me that Koreans are very confident with their ability, and they see us as a group of uselessness people. On the contrast, they are quite friendly and easy to get along. Some of them are talkative.

The third thing is: female Korean students are quite pretty. I read on many Vietnamese forums, they said that Korean girls are not as good-looking as singers and actresses, or even they are ugly. In my own opinion, after the visit, I think they are lovely and kindly. They are a little shy, at first, they answer only when being asked. However, they are friendly and funny. They can make you laugh a lot by their humor.

Finally, now I understand why their country is more developed than ours, because they get better education’s conditions. They study the theory only in one year, and in three years, they both study and practise. They have their two own modern ships for practicing. Not like us, our university has only one ship, but it’s still on dock because it was broken. I think, the money they used to build that ship, they should spend on buying simulators. That is better and smarter choice.

I hope I will meet them again when they come to see us next years.

Thanks for reading! Have a good time!

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Some things about my friends.

If I post this, some of you may think I am talking trash, but I really can’t stand their complaints anymore.

Everyday, they always ask why they didn’t get good marks, solve an exercise, or remember new vocabulary while learning English.

The fact is: everytime they’ve got free time, they gather and play gamble, from hour to hour. You know what they play card for? Well, this match, they play for coffee, that time, for a breakfast, or even, to take money from other.

After enjoying the fruit of winning, they start another to find who must pay money. You see, how can they get better if they cannot control their passion?

I’m tired of hearing and seeing that. No one but they will pay for what they are doing these days.