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Why do I exist in this world?

Many people only understand how precious and valuable their lives are after being able to answer that question. Many of them also gain back the belief and start a new life because they realize their importance. Knowing the value and uniqueness helps them decide what they want to do and which path they should take to fulfill their wishes.

However, to me, this is one of the questions that I have not found the answer yet.

I do have many dreams, goals and desires that I want to fulfill but if fulfilling those is my reasons for living in this world.

Telling the truth, I do not think that I can achieve all of them. However, when I can reach my goals, I do not know what to do next. In addition, despite of being done by me or not, there are no difference will be created by my effort because none of mine goals are to bring change to this world.

I have neither a place to go back nor any persons to miss. In fact, I do not need them because to me, all of them are the burden that I do not want to carry, and they are obstructions on my way.
I know that I am difference and unique and I know my values. However, what to do with those values is still a big question to me now.I am always alone because I am walking in a different path to the others’, but no one has the ability of recognizing it. However, that loneliness provides me a lot of private space so I really enjoy it. Besides, my way of thinking is also difference from theirs, and I do not want anyone to become close to me, that is the reason why no one can truly understand me.