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A trip with my friend


We have been closed friends for few years but we have never actually spend a lot of time together. We keep day to day contract via electronic means. Sometime, hanging out at coffee shop. But last weekend, finally we went together to a popular tourist attraction. Because of that, I’m even surer that she is my precious friend that I can’t afford to lose.

On the first day, in the morning, we rode to a distanced tourist spot. We took the wrong turn but in the end we got there. It’s not a very special place, but the experience we had a long the way is fun. In the afternoon, we visited a wonderful coffee shop. It’s beautiful, quiet and peaceful. The flower above is from that coffee shop. In the evening, we spend whole night talking and walking around the city central square.

On the second day, we visited few other picturesque places. Having meals, and more coffee shops. In the evening, we spend a lot of time talking and sharing thoughts too. It was cold and windy. But that condition seemed to help us bond even better.

After that trip, I believe friendship between persons of different genders is possible. Since both of us doesn’t any other feeling toward each other except friend. We walked hand in hand, we hugged when it’s cold. But there is not even single spark happened.

To summarize: Traveling is great. And it’s even better if you go with your best friends.