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Today is my birthday.

My birthday is on 6th August. Sadly, there is no different with other days. I have never had any birthday parties for over 20 years. I seem to be familiar with it, but deep inside I really want to receive some felicitations from my friends instead of nothing like this. Even my parents, they do not remember it. They always remind me to stay focus on studying but they have never given me any gifts or congratulation to encourage me. This morning, I did have a thought that I would give myself a small present such as a cup of coffee in coffee shop (I always go to coffee shop on Sunday only) but I didn’t. That’s the reasons why I’m little bit upset right now.

I’m always lonely although there are a lot of people called friends around me. It’s simple because they can not see my true self. They can not see through the mask which I always wear for many years. To say shortly, I’m reticent and quiet. I want to change, I want to be more active and talkative, but I can’t. Changing personal characteristics isn’t easy. One thing I can do is write it down and post it here, on my blog. That’s enough. I don’t need anyone read it and sympathize with me.

Now, I’m looking forward to midnight. Then another day will begin, it will no longer be my birthday and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

PS: Well, I wrote this article on 6th so don’t talk to me about the date today.

Goodbye and thank you!