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The glowing sea

Sea SparkleHave you ever seen a glowing sea? That’s a magnificent magical scene that makes you feel like you’re about to enter fairy world.

Luckily, I had a chance to witness that at the middle of Atlantic for 2 days.

It started without any warning. When my ship was sailing across the ocean, it was almost midnight at that time, suddenly the tips of the waves began to emit faint blue light. I realized that something’s not normal happening. I went out to the bridge wing. Before my eyes, my ship was surround by a transparent blueish mass of water. I couldn’t believe my own eyes at first. I thought it was the light from the Moon. But there was no Moon. I looked back to the wakes created by the ship’s propeller, the light extend well beyond along with the turbulent. Just like the flame behind the rocket.

It was so beautiful. It was like many scene in fantasy movies about ships travelling into unknown. At that time, I wished I would enter a new world, too.

But, sadly, this phenomenon is usually created by the excessive growth of micro bio organisms. Whose bloom of population is often related to pollution. For more information, you can easily do a quick search around the internet. I won’t get into details here.

I hope that, someday, I will be able to see it again, but not because our trash pollutes the sea. A scene that made me both amazed and eerie. See you next time.