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The reasons why I do not need love.

In our life, we have heard a lot of songs, poems and stories about how beautiful the love is. Those are the works of many writers, poets, and composers… from the famous one to the unknown authors. All of them always worship what they call the gift from God. However, I do not think love is good. In addition, in my opinion, love is a harsh test of God that anyone who falls in it will fail everything. Here are my reasons for it.

Firstly, love is a waste of time in any way from young love to old love. You may love your family; you miss them when you are apart. In order to cure that homesickness, you may call them every week, or even everyday; you spend hours on talking on the phone with them. It is the same with your love to your girlfriend/boyfriend. You spend a lot of time on talking with her/him to maintain your love. You need time to find out what to buy for a gift in some occasions. You spend time on worrying about some bullshit problems of each other. I cannot see any benefit of doing all that. Time is invaluable. With that precious time, you should do something more useful like reading a good book, review your work or do some outside activities. That is a better way on using time.

Secondly, love only brings sadness to human. You may have watched many movies, read many stories about a love with happy-ending but have you ever thought those were just the creation of fabulous dreams that will never come true? Have you ever thought that they only create the things that we lack of the most? You may think you are happy right now. Will that happiness last long? Every party has an end because nothing will last forever. The end of happiness is definitely the sadness. Therefore, do not love if you do not want to be hurt.

Thirdly, love is a resistant force of your career. It may prevent you from further promotion. What will you do if your boss suggests you to become a leader of a branch but that branch is far away from home? You will move entire your family there, won’t you? If you have to go abroad for few months for business but your lover always complain about being apart. Will you accept the challenges and get the promotion or obey the order of your lover and let that chance slips out of your hand? Without any one to love or worry about, you can accept any chance of promotion or establish some operations that will bring you what you always dream of. All I want to say is to put aside all of those mess, be wise, be motivated, be ambitious, and go ahead to your success.

Love is barrier to your desire career goal. You have to overcome it to get to the victory. Don’t ever stop in front of that barrier. It’s really pity if you are as normal as the others. Forget it and try your best, you will have what you deserve to have.