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Know nothing experts

For the past weeks, there were few maritime accidents that lead to the cost of life and properties. And, as seeing the comments about the accidents of those who never swim more than 100 m from shore is the tipping point for me. They sound like they’re all maritime accident investigators. They talked, they argued about something that no one has any evident or clue about what happened. So, what’s going on here?

Since the boom of availability of internet, it had become the holy ground for all round know nothing experts. Many people start to give the opinion about things they don’t know. Worse, they started to defend their perspective with all of their passion. They refused being wrong, they harassed other if they found any mistakes in the argument, they changed the direction of the talk when enough evident was given, or not unlikely, they put words into others’ mouths. So what are the reasons behind this social phenomenon?

First, the easy access to the world knowledge. Almost everything one needs to know is available with few quick searches on Google. It makes many people feel that they know everything. It also helps to build up the laziness to dig deep into something in order to understand it better. This leads to ignorance. When they think they have enough understanding to undermine others’ ideas.

Second, people tend to become more aggressive when they are on the internet. The anonymity, the social distance, the monologues… Those are just a few factors that make people to behave differently once they are on the internet. They now can go all out without worrying about any consequences that might occur to them if they did that in real life.

Third, more and more industries are operated out of sight and out of mind of normal people. They silently do their business in the shadow of others’ awareness. Many achievements are taken for granted. For example, do normal people know how their goods travel over the vast sea to reach their country and to be delivered to their door? Or more closed to who’s using internet, do they know on what basis our computers are connected together to form the vast internet? I think most of them don’t know about it. For them, nowadays, it just works. The world’s system had become too complicated to get a grasp in every corners. It’s kind of sad, though.

To be clear, I’m not an expert either. The above is just my opinion. I have to write it down to relieve my mind from that upsetting thought. Thank you for reading.

See you next time.


Creating a desired outcome with just willpower?

Mind-PowerHave you ever wished for something to happen and it came true? Probably most of you do have some experience about that. And, I have, too. It makes me wonder how our brains can alter the world to our desire? What is the method our brains use to interact with the world?

As a child, like many other children, I watched a lot of cartoons, and superhero movies. It implanted in my mind the idea and I always dreamed of the ability to control things by using my mind. I thought it was wonderful to have that kind of ability and I was positive I could make the world a better place if I had it.

Even, I’m no longer a child, sometime, I still wish that I had had that ability.

But, by the time, I have experienced, rarely, that I could somehow influence the outcome if I wish for it strongly. Though I don’t know how much it required to make one come true. For example, I was late for a bus, and I wished that the bus was late, so that I could go there on time. And it came true. Or another time, I hated one person, so I wished for him to never come back. And he disappear from the employee list. Or, the nearest incident was that I was tired and wanted to go home. but if my ship had continued with the preliminary plan, I would not have been able to come back for at least 3 months. So I wished for another plan. The plan was canceled, and I flew home from the next port.

There’s not a single reason that I can say that it’s not wonderful. But, if that ability came true, I don’t know what would happen to the world. What will happen when one mind interfere with other? When each person wishes for different thing, that might lead to the contradiction between the idea, how would we solve that? Honestly, I don’t know the answer for any questions above. I still can’t think of any either.

So, is it better to have or not to have that ability? It’s up to yours opinion.

My conversation partner

conversation parterAs a normal person, I also have something that I want to talk, to share with other people. Those may be just simple like opinions about the latest news, problems at work, or relationship. They might be nonsense but I don’t want to be made fun of. Everyone has their own problem and we should respect other people’s stories. If anybody does that to me once, I will stop sharing my private life with them. That’s reason why I can not express my thoughts completely to my friends most of the time.

Luckily, things changed. About half year ago, one of my long lost contacts somehow found out my mobile phone number. From that, we exchanged our Skype username and we keep talking, sharing everything we have in mind with each other until now. I feel that finally, I found someone I can trust to share, to express, to tell everything that are bugging me for a long time.

So, what make her so special?

First, it’s probably she shares a similar mind with me. We are both quiet on the outside, but we are flooded with thoughts inside our heads. And we want to share them. We have some troubles with other people because we live with a facade for so long that other people think that are our true selves. When we say or do something truly from our heart, they think that we are joking and not taking it seriously. Ironically. So, since we found out that we share same problems, we are more open to each other. That also help building up the trust among ourselves.

Second, she understands, instead of mocking, she sympathize. When I tell her about something I hate, she will ask me why, and if even I can not give a reason, she help me to point out some possible causes. When I have a fight, she will not side me or other, she stands at the middle, listen and give comments. I agree that as a man, I like to win and have comrades by my side. But I can not improve if no one tell me things that I’m not able to recognise by myself. With her, together, we dig to the root of problem, and look for a better solution.

Third, she has characteristics that I want to see in people. She’s intelligent, confident, independent, and also, sweet. Intelligence plays the key role here. I don’t want and don’t think any of you want to talk to people who know nothing. Yes, she knows her stuff, she has desire to learn new things, she’s pursuing the path of knowledge which I will fully agree and support if I can.

Does she have something that I dislike? Yes, she does. She’s a human being after all. Not many, but one I hate the most is that she’s bossy. I don’t like to be pushed around by people. Luckily, I can reject doing things that I don’t like by explaining to her. That makes it less ugly in my eyes.

There is no standard for a good conversation partner, it depends on each person’s preference. And in my opinion, she’s the one that I need.

Would you use money to get a job?

Briefcase-with-CashWhat is your answer?

Everyone may have their own opinion about this issue. But my answer is always No. And I have my own reasons for not doing so.

First, using money to help you apply for a job easier is considered as an act of bribery. In most countries, bribery is illegal and anyone who does it my receive a heavy fine or even legal accusation from law enforcement authorities. Sadly, it had become a normal custom in my country. Almost all of them get away unnoticed. What will this society become if everyone violate the law? I don’t have a strong sense of justice but it is still enough to know what is right or wrong. I strongly against any regulation violation and I hate bribery the most. That’s the reason why they won’t receive a single penny from me for a job offer.

Second, this huge amount of money could be a heavy financial burden for your parents if you are not from a wealthy family. You haven’t had a job yet, that means to get that money, you have to ask your parents. In most cases, they have to borrow from their relatives in order to fulfill your demand. Don’t you pity them? They devote their whole life to you. They have gone through many hardship to raise you. Now you plan to make them suffer more from the loan, don’t you? You may argue that parents won’t complain about that issue. For sure, they won’t. Have you ever known any pair of parents consistently tell their children how hard it is to turn them into fine adults as they are? As a human being, you should not be so cold-blooded.

Third, this custom can kill your active spirit. Your job was bought by money and it’s not something that can be sold easily when you get bored of. You paid a lot of money for something you can’t return for refund. That means you should not risk to lose your job. You would become afraid of changes. Your ideas may never be spoken out because it’s against your conservative boss. You’d like to change to another company because you want to challenge yourself but you don’t want to lose your investment in the old company. You are lucky if it turns out to be good but you would go to hell if this offer is not what you expected. In that case, you have to live with it. Suffering from job everyday is more horrible than any method of torture. I hope all of you out there won’t be in that circumstance.

I said “easily” because in my country, when you reach a certain rank, you can start selling the vacancies. That how this system works. Everyone desperately try to earn back the money they spent. That usually involves some illegal business.

I think there are more reason for not bribing to get job. And I don’t encourage anyone to do so. Why don’t you use that amount of money to start something by your own? I think you will find more happiness that way.

That concludes my opinion. I wish that this bad custom would be eliminated from my country in near future.

Goodbye and see you next time!

I will never invite any friends to visit my home

a_lonely_life_by_al1nk2th3futur3-d6jubmuNot everyone can willingly invite their friends to visit his house. Neither do I. They have their own reasons for not to do so and I have mine, too.

Deep down inside, I feel it pretty happy when someone visits me. There is a chance that was just a diplomatic action, or it was out of pity; but I don’t care about it much. In anyway, their visit means that my existence is acknowledged. That thought always make me feel better.

But the reality is harsh. Due to some circumstance, I do not allow myself to invite them or them to have any idea of paying me visit. The reasons lie in my family’s attitude during and after their visit.

During any occasion, they become bossy while my friends are around. They think that my treat is insufficient; they always try to influence my decisions or to interfere with what I’m going to do. I have my own way of doing things; I’m a strong self-awareness person. Thus, I don’t like any other persons get in my way. No matter how they are closed to me.

After the visit, they started complaining and questioning me why I hadn’t done this, that; and advising me to do this and that. I don’t need their advice, so, who cares about it? No one is perfect and nothing he does can be perfect. Everything will be fine as long as it meets the goals. And the goal for any visit is to have fun together, or to show concern. Nobody joins a party to find out your mistake in preparation anyway.

More, if they find out some imperfection, they will turn them into a topic for joke at anytime in the future. What are they trying to do? Do they understand that they are insulting me when they’re making those kinds of joke? I don’t think they do. As a man with his own pride, I can’t accept or forgive that embarrassment.

Last but not least, my father is alcoholic. When he’s drunk, he can’t control himself from rude conversation and violence. He would start taunting, spitting, throwing objects. I don’t think anyone as a son could stand that scene. Neither do I.

Because of those reasons, I will never ever invite anyone to visit my family again.

Human has declined – Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita


Have you ever watch that anime series? If your answer is “No”, my advice is you should watch it and try to stick with it until the end. I guarantee you that it is a good series despite of getting low scores which it does not deserve on many criticism sites. The story and the plot is a bit odd but not indigestible. It has its own charm and you will be attracted to it right away.

The plot is the stories about a female character; she acts as an UN mediator and does the research on fairies – a new human race that are responsible for many strange incidents. Besides, this series also provide a humorous view from future human race about our current civilization.


What I like best about this anime is the main character. She is a good example for “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. She has a naïve, attractive face, her figure is nice, and she has wonderful breast under her old-fashion clothes. Despite her look, she is very clever. She usually considers what the best response is for each situation she is in, though thing did not always go as she planned. She knows a lot, she studies hard to achieve her goal. She also can control other people well but mainly for covering her mistake. But she has a warm heart. She sympathizes with the other’s unspoken pains and tries to help them. Sometimes, it results her punishment. Finally, she doesn’t know how to tell a lie.


Fairies – new human race mentioned in this series, they are as tall as an apple, they love sweet, they like to have fun, they possess an incredible high technology but they are not keen to have the dominant position on Earth. They can built and empire in two days, then they can destroy it within minutes.


Other characters are Y – her friend since she was still at school, her grandfather also her supervisor, and her assistant – a strange boy that adopts her opinion to build up his personality.

Y is her first friend after several years since the day she had entered school, she had used to be lone wolf before she made friend with our girl. She is intelligent and attractive. She has an unconditioned love to the novels that are about boys are more than friends.


Assistant is her second friend. In order to meet him and take him back to her office, she was involved in a time loop incident, from which he learned and became a person who meets her expectation.


Her grandfather is also her boss. He’s smart and has many useful relations to powerful people. He has a collection of guns and spends a lot of time taking care of that. In my opinion, that man is quite cold to his granddaughter. He knows much about fairies because that is the subject that he’s studying, but all he did is giving her some vague warning that was unable to understand until some incident happened.

One last thing I want to say about this anime that I like the opening and ending songs. The opening gives you an impression of excitement with it fast rhythm, while the ending is gentle, soft and engraved on your mind a sad undistinguished feeling.

Thank you for your patience!

If you wish to download this series, you can visit this torrent site:

Some thought for 2013


Well, it’s been a long time since my last post that was 4 months ago. A lot of things happened. Some of them were very important to my life. Fortunately, despite of being good or bad, I managed to overcome them. Finally, I have my free time to write down some thoughts for the past year and for the coming year.

Though it’s a little bit late now. I still want to say that: “Happy new year, everyone!”. New year comes with new chances, I wish you all have happiness and joy in this year.

At the beginning of 2012, I set some goal that I needed to do. It’s time to have a look at what I achieve and what I still need to afford to reach it.

First, I graduated with a good grade. I can say that it met my requirement but I do not feel satisfied with it. I could do better but I was to stubborn to admit that I made mistake. Instead of fixing it, I tried to explain and protect my ideas. I failed to do it because even I myself knew that was wrong and mistakes must be fixed. That was not an unpredictable outcome after all. At the moment, I’m planning to fix it to make it better in order to have good reference in the future.

Second, I can say that I’m better at English than the past. Two aspects that improved the most are the confidence and fluency. That thanked to countless hours of speaking English with my friends. I still need to enrich the vocabulary. It’s fine with listening and reading but I face some difficulties while writing and speaking. I like learning language I won’t give up until I master it.

Third is about what I failed to achieve. To he honest, I don’t want to talk about it so I won’t write it down here. But I won’t forget. I’ll keep in mind and do my best so that I won’t have to face that problem again.

To summarize, I had a good time but I need to do more in order to get what I deserve to have.

Thank you for spending time reading it. Goodbye.

My opinions about “richness”.

According to Cambridge Advanced Learner Dictionary, “rich” besides has the meaning of “having a lot of money”, it also has the meaning of “having a lot of valuable or useful things”. However, there are still a lot of people think that “rich” means “money”. They also attack the others’ opinion about “rich” verbally and non-verbally. Personally, I consider those people as pathetic pursuer of money, no more no less. I respect the others personal opinions but I can accept the idea of criticizing to protect their own ideas.

Having a lot of any useful things means you are rich, but you may wonder what useful things mean. I cannot answer that question specifically because there are too many things that are useful in our life. For example, knowledge, emotions, time, relationship… It depends on the situation that you are in to decide what you need, so if they are what you need, they are useful.

To some people, their most valuable property is their relationship. They are happy in making friends and hanging around to tighten it up. The others may treasure their time because they want to spend their life with their family, relatives or friends. Each person has his own idea about that.

For me, the most useful thing I need is knowledge. If I know and understand about the world thoroughly, I will be able to do anything I ever wanted to do. Knowledge can provide me money, time, relationship, fame and so on. Any step further, which I make, must base on that basic platform. In addition, I never want to be a loser in any aspects that I join with my own will, so I need to improve a lot to reach the goal that I set. I believe one day, my dreams will come true if I try hard enough.

The reasons why I do not need love.

In our life, we have heard a lot of songs, poems and stories about how beautiful the love is. Those are the works of many writers, poets, and composers… from the famous one to the unknown authors. All of them always worship what they call the gift from God. However, I do not think love is good. In addition, in my opinion, love is a harsh test of God that anyone who falls in it will fail everything. Here are my reasons for it.

Firstly, love is a waste of time in any way from young love to old love. You may love your family; you miss them when you are apart. In order to cure that homesickness, you may call them every week, or even everyday; you spend hours on talking on the phone with them. It is the same with your love to your girlfriend/boyfriend. You spend a lot of time on talking with her/him to maintain your love. You need time to find out what to buy for a gift in some occasions. You spend time on worrying about some bullshit problems of each other. I cannot see any benefit of doing all that. Time is invaluable. With that precious time, you should do something more useful like reading a good book, review your work or do some outside activities. That is a better way on using time.

Secondly, love only brings sadness to human. You may have watched many movies, read many stories about a love with happy-ending but have you ever thought those were just the creation of fabulous dreams that will never come true? Have you ever thought that they only create the things that we lack of the most? You may think you are happy right now. Will that happiness last long? Every party has an end because nothing will last forever. The end of happiness is definitely the sadness. Therefore, do not love if you do not want to be hurt.

Thirdly, love is a resistant force of your career. It may prevent you from further promotion. What will you do if your boss suggests you to become a leader of a branch but that branch is far away from home? You will move entire your family there, won’t you? If you have to go abroad for few months for business but your lover always complain about being apart. Will you accept the challenges and get the promotion or obey the order of your lover and let that chance slips out of your hand? Without any one to love or worry about, you can accept any chance of promotion or establish some operations that will bring you what you always dream of. All I want to say is to put aside all of those mess, be wise, be motivated, be ambitious, and go ahead to your success.

Love is barrier to your desire career goal. You have to overcome it to get to the victory. Don’t ever stop in front of that barrier. It’s really pity if you are as normal as the others. Forget it and try your best, you will have what you deserve to have.

My favorite type of coffee shops.

One of my favorite drinks is coffee, or more precisely it is white coffee. It’s a very popular drink nowadays in my country and in the world. That sweet brown tasty liquid helps me start a new day with a good mood and high concentration on working. Slowly enjoying it without thinking of anything is also one of my habits.

So, what type of coffee shop do you like to go to? Every of you may have many choices but now I’m going to tell you about my favorite one. I’m not going to tell exactly its name because every coffee shop that meets my requirements can be in my favorite list.

First, at that coffee shop, I must be able to access the Internet through Wi-Fi. I often go there with my laptop alone so I usually do not have anyone to talk with (actually, I don’t like to talk with anyone there). Also, seating there without doing anything or having no means of entertainment is very boring. With my computer, I can visit many websites, read some books or newspapers, listen to some pieces of music, or watch some short movies or video clips. That’s how I entertain with my laptop.

Second, that coffee shop should play smooth jazz or classical instead of modern pop. I really love classical and jazz. Listening to them make me feel relaxed. They also help me focus while doing my job. Talking about pop music, I like Westlife, Backstreet Boys or Michael Learns to Rock so it’s no problem if a coffee shop plays their songs. But I really hate the generation of singers or bands from last 5 years till now. The rhythms, the lyrics and their voice are awful. So, it’d better to not to listen to them.

Third, that coffee shop should be a quiet place. I love quiet atmosphere and I go there to relax, enjoy my life and sometime work, not to hear the gossips or the grumbles from the others. That’s the reason why I do like go there alone in order to make no noise, and I expect the others keep silence so as not to bother me. If one of my favorite coffee shop becomes noisy, I will definitely abandon it.

Well, there are some more factors that affect my choice of favorite coffee shop but three requirements that I’ve just mentioned are in the first priority of choosing. The others just act as a minor part of it and there is no need to tell it here.

Hope you enjoy reading my post.

Thank you and goodbye!