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I’m tired

I’m tired, I want to rest. I want a peaceful life. I don’t want to be back to work. I’m exhausted. But I need money to spend for my daily life.

Oh, what a life!


Know nothing experts

For the past weeks, there were few maritime accidents that lead to the cost of life and properties. And, as seeing the comments about the accidents of those who never swim more than 100 m from shore is the tipping point for me. They sound like they’re all maritime accident investigators. They talked, they argued about something that no one has any evident or clue about what happened. So, what’s going on here?

Since the boom of availability of internet, it had become the holy ground for all round know nothing experts. Many people start to give the opinion about things they don’t know. Worse, they started to defend their perspective with all of their passion. They refused being wrong, they harassed other if they found any mistakes in the argument, they changed the direction of the talk when enough evident was given, or not unlikely, they put words into others’ mouths. So what are the reasons behind this social phenomenon?

First, the easy access to the world knowledge. Almost everything one needs to know is available with few quick searches on Google. It makes many people feel that they know everything. It also helps to build up the laziness to dig deep into something in order to understand it better. This leads to ignorance. When they think they have enough understanding to undermine others’ ideas.

Second, people tend to become more aggressive when they are on the internet. The anonymity, the social distance, the monologues… Those are just a few factors that make people to behave differently once they are on the internet. They now can go all out without worrying about any consequences that might occur to them if they did that in real life.

Third, more and more industries are operated out of sight and out of mind of normal people. They silently do their business in the shadow of others’ awareness. Many achievements are taken for granted. For example, do normal people know how their goods travel over the vast sea to reach their country and to be delivered to their door? Or more closed to who’s using internet, do they know on what basis our computers are connected together to form the vast internet? I think most of them don’t know about it. For them, nowadays, it just works. The world’s system had become too complicated to get a grasp in every corners. It’s kind of sad, though.

To be clear, I’m not an expert either. The above is just my opinion. I have to write it down to relieve my mind from that upsetting thought. Thank you for reading.

See you next time.

A trip with my friend


We have been closed friends for few years but we have never actually spend a lot of time together. We keep day to day contract via electronic means. Sometime, hanging out at coffee shop. But last weekend, finally we went together to a popular tourist attraction. Because of that, I’m even surer that she is my precious friend that I can’t afford to lose.

On the first day, in the morning, we rode to a distanced tourist spot. We took the wrong turn but in the end we got there. It’s not a very special place, but the experience we had a long the way is fun. In the afternoon, we visited a wonderful coffee shop. It’s beautiful, quiet and peaceful. The flower above is from that coffee shop. In the evening, we spend whole night talking and walking around the city central square.

On the second day, we visited few other picturesque places. Having meals, and more coffee shops. In the evening, we spend a lot of time talking and sharing thoughts too. It was cold and windy. But that condition seemed to help us bond even better.

After that trip, I believe friendship between persons of different genders is possible. Since both of us doesn’t any other feeling toward each other except friend. We walked hand in hand, we hugged when it’s cold. But there is not even single spark happened.

To summarize: Traveling is great. And it’s even better if you go with your best friends.

The glowing sea

Sea SparkleHave you ever seen a glowing sea? That’s a magnificent magical scene that makes you feel like you’re about to enter fairy world.

Luckily, I had a chance to witness that at the middle of Atlantic for 2 days.

It started without any warning. When my ship was sailing across the ocean, it was almost midnight at that time, suddenly the tips of the waves began to emit faint blue light. I realized that something’s not normal happening. I went out to the bridge wing. Before my eyes, my ship was surround by a transparent blueish mass of water. I couldn’t believe my own eyes at first. I thought it was the light from the Moon. But there was no Moon. I looked back to the wakes created by the ship’s propeller, the light extend well beyond along with the turbulent. Just like the flame behind the rocket.

It was so beautiful. It was like many scene in fantasy movies about ships travelling into unknown. At that time, I wished I would enter a new world, too.

But, sadly, this phenomenon is usually created by the excessive growth of micro bio organisms. Whose bloom of population is often related to pollution. For more information, you can easily do a quick search around the internet. I won’t get into details here.

I hope that, someday, I will be able to see it again, but not because our trash pollutes the sea. A scene that made me both amazed and eerie. See you next time.

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,400 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 40 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

An irresistible feeling

heart-shaped-leafFor long, I have not felt this way toward a girl. I’ve been always focus on my career, my learning. I’ve kept thinking that love is an unnecessary burden that I never want to carry. But, it seems that things don’t always go your way. Slowly and steadily, the feeling for her develope. Each time I meet her, I see in her something I need, I want from my ideal girlfriend. I subconsciously like to be with her. I get jealous when she’s with other men.

First I have to say that she is not very beautiful. By the appearance, she’s a normal looking girl. But, she does show charm when she puts up a light make up. So, I guess that appearance doesn’t matter anymore.

Let’s see what make me attracted to her.

She is intelligent and independent. Yep, I’m attracted to girls who can think and do thing by themselves. I love to take care of them, protect them. But I will soon feel tired when I’m being relied too much. I’m also not a perfect person. Sometime, I do want to receive a helping hand or an advice. And I see it in her. Someone I want to look after. Also someone I want to lie my head down onto her thigh, with she gently strokes my hair.

Beside, she is thorough and careful. Who would not like a careful person? Not me, obviously. This characteristic of her makes me feel at ease and worried-free. For example, whenever we went somewhere far. What is the means of transport, where we should rest, where we should not go and many more were planned and discussed among us carefully in advance. Even, if I forget some emergency medicine, I know that she has them with her.

Moreover, she is a good listener. Talking to her is so wonderful. I can feel that she is paying attention to my story when I talk, she gives honest comments. The way she talks is subtle. She claimed that she is hot temper. But I don’t feel uncomfortable even when she talks with anger. I can talk and listen to her for hours without being bored.

But, above all, she is too precious for me to lose. She has been my friends for almost 15 years. That friendship is priceless and I don’t want to do anything that might harm it. Although it’s painful, I will bury that feeling deep down inside my head, and hope that time will ease the pain.

Creating a desired outcome with just willpower?

Mind-PowerHave you ever wished for something to happen and it came true? Probably most of you do have some experience about that. And, I have, too. It makes me wonder how our brains can alter the world to our desire? What is the method our brains use to interact with the world?

As a child, like many other children, I watched a lot of cartoons, and superhero movies. It implanted in my mind the idea and I always dreamed of the ability to control things by using my mind. I thought it was wonderful to have that kind of ability and I was positive I could make the world a better place if I had it.

Even, I’m no longer a child, sometime, I still wish that I had had that ability.

But, by the time, I have experienced, rarely, that I could somehow influence the outcome if I wish for it strongly. Though I don’t know how much it required to make one come true. For example, I was late for a bus, and I wished that the bus was late, so that I could go there on time. And it came true. Or another time, I hated one person, so I wished for him to never come back. And he disappear from the employee list. Or, the nearest incident was that I was tired and wanted to go home. but if my ship had continued with the preliminary plan, I would not have been able to come back for at least 3 months. So I wished for another plan. The plan was canceled, and I flew home from the next port.

There’s not a single reason that I can say that it’s not wonderful. But, if that ability came true, I don’t know what would happen to the world. What will happen when one mind interfere with other? When each person wishes for different thing, that might lead to the contradiction between the idea, how would we solve that? Honestly, I don’t know the answer for any questions above. I still can’t think of any either.

So, is it better to have or not to have that ability? It’s up to yours opinion.

I’m feeling down

Feeling down aloneAfter a long vacation, when the day of flying away from home is near, somehow, I feel that I don’t want to go away from them.

I usually think that I can go anywhere at anytime for any duration without problem. But it seems that it’s not always true especially when I spend a lot of time together with those closed to me.

They were just some conversation at the coffee shops, some small parties we threw together, a short trip to nearby beach. They are just normal stuffs but they really help to deepen our bond. At least, that what I feel.

I want those happy days last forever, I don’t want to leave them. But, what can I do? I need money to live, they need money to live as well. Even, if I can stay here, they won’t. They have their own job, their own life. They have to work. We can’t be with each other all the time.

Sometime, I wish that we could never grow up, that we could stay as innocent children forever. But, time flows fast, it doesn’t wait for anyone, and now, here we are, worry about life and regret about the past.

For now, we can spend a lot of time together because we don’t have to take care of anyone else. I don’t dare to imagine about the future where we are all settle down and have a family. Will we are able to things that we are doing now? Few years ago, when I enter university, I asked my aunt if she meets her friends often. The answer is obvious “No”. She said her and them were all absorbed to the flow of life. They have little spare time for each other. At that time, I didn’t understand it much. As I become older, I’m scared that it might actually happen to me sooner or later.

Well, thing’s destined to come will come no matter what. Let’s just hope that, we can stay friends forever like those in movie “Grow Up”.

My conversation partner

conversation parterAs a normal person, I also have something that I want to talk, to share with other people. Those may be just simple like opinions about the latest news, problems at work, or relationship. They might be nonsense but I don’t want to be made fun of. Everyone has their own problem and we should respect other people’s stories. If anybody does that to me once, I will stop sharing my private life with them. That’s reason why I can not express my thoughts completely to my friends most of the time.

Luckily, things changed. About half year ago, one of my long lost contacts somehow found out my mobile phone number. From that, we exchanged our Skype username and we keep talking, sharing everything we have in mind with each other until now. I feel that finally, I found someone I can trust to share, to express, to tell everything that are bugging me for a long time.

So, what make her so special?

First, it’s probably she shares a similar mind with me. We are both quiet on the outside, but we are flooded with thoughts inside our heads. And we want to share them. We have some troubles with other people because we live with a facade for so long that other people think that are our true selves. When we say or do something truly from our heart, they think that we are joking and not taking it seriously. Ironically. So, since we found out that we share same problems, we are more open to each other. That also help building up the trust among ourselves.

Second, she understands, instead of mocking, she sympathize. When I tell her about something I hate, she will ask me why, and if even I can not give a reason, she help me to point out some possible causes. When I have a fight, she will not side me or other, she stands at the middle, listen and give comments. I agree that as a man, I like to win and have comrades by my side. But I can not improve if no one tell me things that I’m not able to recognise by myself. With her, together, we dig to the root of problem, and look for a better solution.

Third, she has characteristics that I want to see in people. She’s intelligent, confident, independent, and also, sweet. Intelligence plays the key role here. I don’t want and don’t think any of you want to talk to people who know nothing. Yes, she knows her stuff, she has desire to learn new things, she’s pursuing the path of knowledge which I will fully agree and support if I can.

Does she have something that I dislike? Yes, she does. She’s a human being after all. Not many, but one I hate the most is that she’s bossy. I don’t like to be pushed around by people. Luckily, I can reject doing things that I don’t like by explaining to her. That makes it less ugly in my eyes.

There is no standard for a good conversation partner, it depends on each person’s preference. And in my opinion, she’s the one that I need.

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.

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