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Monthly Archives: April 2019

I think I’ve found my ideal girl

Update 09/06/2019: I was wrong again. She’s not the one whom I can spend a lifetime comfortably with.

I’ve known her for a long time. She was my classmate since high school. During that time, I was in my adolescence, my stubbornness got me into to plenty trouble with teachers. My class was divided into 4 groups, and she was the head of my group. And that made us fought each other few times.

When we each entered university, we only met few times (if I’m not mistaken, only 2 times). That didn’t leave me much impression of her. After graduating from university, she initiated the contact between us again. Since then, we keep meeting and messaging each other in a regular basis. Due to that, I understand her much better and finally come to conclusion that she’s ideal girl that fits my criteria of a girlfriend.

She’s smart, charming in a simple way. She will attract your attention when talking to her. She knows how to find a subject that both of us can talk about. When she talked about things that I don’t know, and have no clue to keep the conversation going, she could keep the subject simple, easy to understand, so that I can join in, and give my opinion and comment. To summarize, she’s a great conversation partner.

She’s also share a lot of common interest with me. We often like same TV series, which she often recommends to me first. We share more or less same taste of music as well. We both like classical music, but she likes it mainly they are nice to listen to. I like classical but also I want to understand the meaning, the inspiration, to feel the music. We both like reading books but we have different priority in book’s genre. She likes to read about psychology, business, and self-help. Meanwhile, I prefer history, biography, technology and science. We both like traveling, though pretty much everybody like traveling, so not much to talk about it here.

We have difference as well, and they’re quite a lot. But instead of fighting to protect each person’s perspective, we think of each other’s difference fascinating, and always wanting to understand the reason behind that. Few small examples are that she like to go to coffee shop alone, I like to go with friends. I like to go to cinema alone, she prefers to have companions.

As a human, she’s not perfect. She’s her weakness as well. But I don’t want to dwell into it too much. So, let say, she’s not a very good cook but her cooking is decent. She has health problem but she’s always trying to be in best shape possible. And she can be bossy and walking a thin line to be a control freak.

Finally, although I think that she’s an ideal girl for me, I won’t let this relationship develop passed an intimate friendship. Because I have commitment issue, I don’t want to ruin and hurt another woman. I will keep it this way. It’s best for both of us.

Cost saving?

I’m going to talk about the cost saving measures in the company that I’m currently working for. Since it’s sensitive to discuss publicly about your company on the open web, I’ll not spell out the name of my company.

This is a period of fierce competition, and also the downturn of some industries. Thus, saving as much as possible within a company becomes an essential part of business strategy. It had to be company-wide, with closed cooperation and good information sharing between departments of one company. Without cooperation and sharing, everyone will only focus on their field, with tunnel vision for every decisions, cost saving will turn out to be very costly instead.

Once, the personnel and head of a department only focus on their respective definition of saving, the money that was saved in one will be spend on the others, often in greater amount. Because they simply don’t know and understand what is going on in the other rooms. You save one penny today, you’ll lose a pound tomorrow.