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Know nothing experts

For the past weeks, there were few maritime accidents that lead to the cost of life and properties. And, as seeing the comments about the accidents of those who never swim more than 100 m from shore is the tipping point for me. They sound like they’re all maritime accident investigators. They talked, they argued about something that no one has any evident or clue about what happened. So, what’s going on here?

Since the boom of availability of internet, it had become the holy ground for all round know nothing experts. Many people start to give the opinion about things they don’t know. Worse, they started to defend their perspective with all of their passion. They refused being wrong, they harassed other if they found any mistakes in the argument, they changed the direction of the talk when enough evident was given, or not unlikely, they put words into others’ mouths. So what are the reasons behind this social phenomenon?

First, the easy access to the world knowledge. Almost everything one needs to know is available with few quick searches on Google. It makes many people feel that they know everything. It also helps to build up the laziness to dig deep into something in order to understand it better. This leads to ignorance. When they think they have enough understanding to undermine others’ ideas.

Second, people tend to become more aggressive when they are on the internet. The anonymity, the social distance, the monologues… Those are just a few factors that make people to behave differently once they are on the internet. They now can go all out without worrying about any consequences that might occur to them if they did that in real life.

Third, more and more industries are operated out of sight and out of mind of normal people. They silently do their business in the shadow of others’ awareness. Many achievements are taken for granted. For example, do normal people know how their goods travel over the vast sea to reach their country and to be delivered to their door? Or more closed to who’s using internet, do they know on what basis our computers are connected together to form the vast internet? I think most of them don’t know about it. For them, nowadays, it just works. The world’s system had become too complicated to get a grasp in every corners. It’s kind of sad, though.

To be clear, I’m not an expert either. The above is just my opinion. I have to write it down to relieve my mind from that upsetting thought. Thank you for reading.

See you next time.

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