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Would you use money to get a job?

Briefcase-with-CashWhat is your answer?

Everyone may have their own opinion about this issue. But my answer is always No. And I have my own reasons for not doing so.

First, using money to help you apply for a job easier is considered as an act of bribery. In most countries, bribery is illegal and anyone who does it my receive a heavy fine or even legal accusation from law enforcement authorities. Sadly, it had become a normal custom in my country. Almost all of them get away unnoticed. What will this society become if everyone violate the law? I don’t have a strong sense of justice but it is still enough to know what is right or wrong. I strongly against any regulation violation and I hate bribery the most. That’s the reason why they won’t receive a single penny from me for a job offer.

Second, this huge amount of money could be a heavy financial burden for your parents if you are not from a wealthy family. You haven’t had a job yet, that means to get that money, you have to ask your parents. In most cases, they have to borrow from their relatives in order to fulfill your demand. Don’t you pity them? They devote their whole life to you. They have gone through many hardship to raise you. Now you plan to make them suffer more from the loan, don’t you? You may argue that parents won’t complain about that issue. For sure, they won’t. Have you ever known any pair of parents consistently tell their children how hard it is to turn them into fine adults as they are? As a human being, you should not be so cold-blooded.

Third, this custom can kill your active spirit. Your job was bought by money and it’s not something that can be sold easily when you get bored of. You paid a lot of money for something you can’t return for refund. That means you should not risk to lose your job. You would become afraid of changes. Your ideas may never be spoken out because it’s against your conservative boss. You’d like to change to another company because you want to challenge yourself but you don’t want to lose your investment in the old company. You are lucky if it turns out to be good but you would go to hell if this offer is not what you expected. In that case, you have to live with it. Suffering from job everyday is more horrible than any method of torture. I hope all of you out there won’t be in that circumstance.

I said “easily” because in my country, when you reach a certain rank, you can start selling the vacancies. That how this system works. Everyone desperately try to earn back the money they spent. That usually involves some illegal business.

I think there are more reason for not bribing to get job. And I don’t encourage anyone to do so. Why don’t you use that amount of money to start something by your own? I think you will find more happiness that way.

That concludes my opinion. I wish that this bad custom would be eliminated from my country in near future.

Goodbye and see you next time!

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