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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Human has declined – Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita


Have you ever watch that anime series? If your answer is “No”, my advice is you should watch it and try to stick with it until the end. I guarantee you that it is a good series despite of getting low scores which it does not deserve on many criticism sites. The story and the plot is a bit odd but not indigestible. It has its own charm and you will be attracted to it right away.

The plot is the stories about a female character; she acts as an UN mediator and does the research on fairies – a new human race that are responsible for many strange incidents. Besides, this series also provide a humorous view from future human race about our current civilization.


What I like best about this anime is the main character. She is a good example for “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. She has a naïve, attractive face, her figure is nice, and she has wonderful breast under her old-fashion clothes. Despite her look, she is very clever. She usually considers what the best response is for each situation she is in, though thing did not always go as she planned. She knows a lot, she studies hard to achieve her goal. She also can control other people well but mainly for covering her mistake. But she has a warm heart. She sympathizes with the other’s unspoken pains and tries to help them. Sometimes, it results her punishment. Finally, she doesn’t know how to tell a lie.


Fairies – new human race mentioned in this series, they are as tall as an apple, they love sweet, they like to have fun, they possess an incredible high technology but they are not keen to have the dominant position on Earth. They can built and empire in two days, then they can destroy it within minutes.


Other characters are Y – her friend since she was still at school, her grandfather also her supervisor, and her assistant – a strange boy that adopts her opinion to build up his personality.

Y is her first friend after several years since the day she had entered school, she had used to be lone wolf before she made friend with our girl. She is intelligent and attractive. She has an unconditioned love to the novels that are about boys are more than friends.


Assistant is her second friend. In order to meet him and take him back to her office, she was involved in a time loop incident, from which he learned and became a person who meets her expectation.


Her grandfather is also her boss. He’s smart and has many useful relations to powerful people. He has a collection of guns and spends a lot of time taking care of that. In my opinion, that man is quite cold to his granddaughter. He knows much about fairies because that is the subject that he’s studying, but all he did is giving her some vague warning that was unable to understand until some incident happened.

One last thing I want to say about this anime that I like the opening and ending songs. The opening gives you an impression of excitement with it fast rhythm, while the ending is gentle, soft and engraved on your mind a sad undistinguished feeling.

Thank you for your patience!

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