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What would you do if your girlfriend doesn’t like your job?

Today, during the evening English class, one of my friends was asked that question. He was unable to answer it, and he said that question was too personal. I think the reason he couldn’t answer is he rarely thought about that situation. In my opinion, if she forces me to choose one of her and my job, I will choose my job. Here are some reasons for that choice:

– First, it’s really hard to find out someone you love, but it’s even more difficult to find a job that you like. Everyone usually has only one job that he loves. If you have to choose another, obviously you will not like it like the old one. Working in an environment that you dislike, it will make you stress and tired. Someday, it will knock you down. About girls, if you break with a girl, you can easily find another one to replace.

– Second, I’ll talk about the outsider’s perspective. As you know, people usually judge a man base on his career. If he is not successful, many people will look down on him. I’m sure some of his closest friends, relatives, or even his girlfriend will do look down on him. Even though, she is the one who told him to turn his path to be with her. We cannot know. If he fails in his career, even though he loves it, I can say that he was unlucky that time, and I will advise him to try to do it again.

– Third, if she loves you, she may know what is the best for you. She will try not to bother you and she will not require you to choose. If she does so, I can say she is selfish. She just thinks of her own happiness. She doesn’t care about anyone else. In that situation, you already know which the right choice is. No one blames on you for making such a decision.

So, to summarize, as a man, your career, your success must be put in first priority. Everything else should be in their right position. And that position is your background.

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