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Why am I feeling so sad?

Well, I definitely don’t know what occurred to me at this moment, I am feeling so depressed, dark, bruised, and disappointed, like I am broken-hearted. I can’t find the reason behind it, and it makes me not be able to take a short nap. I am really tired because of suffering from this sensation. It’s very likely I need something, but hopelessly I can’t still figure out what it is. It is straining my brain a lot. With that minded torture, I can’t either think of anything or concentrate on revision for next coming exam. I can’t bear it anymore so I decided to write it down here to get a relief deep inside my soul.

To tell more about the feeling, I think it’s a part of the pain over loneliness, careless of everyone, includes parents, relatives, and friends. Likely, I need a warm hug, an open talk about myself. I’m too reserved and taciturn, I know that. Maybe sooner or later, I will have depression. Another reason is apparently I have watched too much tragic cartoons for several days until now.

How can I deal with this problem? Perhaps, the quickest answer absolutely is watching comedy. In addition, writing it out makes me feel better now. I’ll try my best to keep myself from being so upset like this. I don’t want to experience it again.

Thank you and goodbye!

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