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I miss you, my friend!

Well, this afternoon, when I was staying alone, I suddenly thought about you. I remembered that date, when I saw you for the very first time, you sat only two chairs from me. And date by date, you moved to the chair on my right. I like the way you talk, but I don’t like you said you don’t know when I asked you about the meaning of a new word because I know you are a smart one. I don’t want anyone pretend to be naive and less intelligent than me, especially she is a girl.

Our classmates paired you and me for fun, but personally I think they recognised something that they can’t speak out. Maybe because they saw you ran to me (I always sat at the specific chair and you change your position to next to me), and we usually had same actions.

When our teacher forced me to say those words, you may not notice, but my heart was beating rapidly, my cheek was warm, and I think my face turned into red that time. You thought it’s a joke, but for me, it’s very difficult to talk those words, because it was exactly what I felt inside.

I wanted to go out with you and our classmates, but I was shy, I was afraid I’m not your type. I’m afraid of facing the truth. Furthermore, until now, I’m still a poor student, without deep pocket, or motorbike, or fashionable outfit. I don’t think you can have any sentiment. I was little bit disappointed when you left without saying farewell, I was fine after all.

It was a one-side feeling, there was no hope to let you know it, but, that’s better for two of us.

Good bye, my friend. I hope the most happiness will come to you.

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