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Rest in peace, my friend.

One of my friend has just gone far away. It was on 12th February 2011. He slept without waking up in an ambulance from Daklak province to Ho Chi Minh city.

It was an accident – traffic accident and he was injured awfully.

Well, he was my friend. I know him at the age of 16. I and he used to go to school by the same bus. He was so friendly and humorous. He could make everyone laugh because of his jokes.

But when I went to university, we didn’t keep in touch, we rarely talked to each other because I and he were far away. I’m in HCMC, he’s in BMTC. Futhermore, I didn’t have his Yahoo nick or his mobile phone number. But I can still remember his funny face. I still want to laugh when looking at his face.

But now, he left behind everything – all sorrow and pains, all happiness and joy.

Good bye, my friend!


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