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Lunar Tet holiday

To day is the first day of Lunar new year. I really feel happy, I’m happy to be here, with my friends, with my family.
For the new year, I hope I will have good health, and succeed in my study. And for you, all of my friends, guys, I hope you will be always happy, heathy, and receive better result in your study, succeed in your career.
But, everybody may be happy with their family, except me. My father, every new year holiday, continues complaining about his life, about his relatives, and, yes, about my mum. I don’t know what happened, but I really disappointed about his attitude. It makes our family’s atmosphere really very stressfull, and it makes me not want to stay at home to share happyness with my family’s members.
Oh…….. Forget it. It’s new year, ha! So, be happy, be relax! Long time no see, my dear friends. Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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